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Veho ZB-5 Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones - Black Recensioni

Experience music like never before, with the incredibly stylish black Veho ZB-5 premium Bluetooth on-ear headphones. Featuring stellar sound quality and a travel-friendly design, these comfortable earphones allow you to truly enjoy your favourite tunes.
  • Mobile Fun ID 63268

Prezzo di vendita al pubblico 45,49€Risparmia29%

32,49€ IVA inclusa
 4.7 stelle da 12 clienti

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Nice quality easy to use
Headphones were delivered promptly and in good condition.
Comfortable with good sound reproduction
These headphones perfect sound and cheap
I searched before I chose veho wireless Bluetooth headphones. I wasn't disappointed the bass is something else and they answer calls as well. I have Sony phone and that paired in seconds. I bought from mobile fun as I have experienced their legendary customer service and very fast delivery. have previously purchased screensavers before and never had to return wrong stuff.
Great headphones
Great value for money. Easy to pair and comfortable. Sound quality is better than expected
Fantastic Purchase
I have to say this website is a website I’ll be using in the future. I purchased these headphones and they are fantastic. They are comfortable and provide excellent sound. My train journeys have become so much more enjoyable. Thanks mobile fun for the excellent service.
Awesome sound
I wasn’t sure what to expect at this low price but these surpassed all expectations. Awesome sound. Very comfortable and light. You hardly realize you have them on.
The headphones are very good
The ear pads could be better.
Very good value for money
I found out everything I needed to know before I bought it.
Headphones are good
VERY satisfied with my purchase
Brilliant headset
Its a brilliant headset and compatible with my S8.
Brilliant compared to wired
While it does sound a little tinny, it's a perfectly functional set of headphones which doesn't tether you to anything.
Brilliantly, it does come with a 3.5mm Cable and imput so the headphones can be used with a flat battery or non-bluetooth computer. Had no problems with the bluetooth failing at all.

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