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The Ultimate LG G6 Accessory Pack Recensioni

The Ultimate Pack for the LG G6 consists of fantastic must-have accessories designed specifically for the LG G6.
  • Mobile Fun ID 63217

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 4.5 stelle da 4 clienti

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Great Deal
Really good deal to get a lot of accessories for the phone. Only the casing and glass protector is specific to the phone, the other components like the phone stand can be used with other phones. Items are decent quality but I personally don't like the feel of the stylus (although it is handy being able to connect it to the phone using the audio plug)
Very useful accessories
I bought this pack for my new phone and have been very pleased with what I received. In particular the bracket which allows the phone to be attached to a car windscreen is essential if the phone is to be used as a satnav.
I am very pleased with my purchase and service.
Took 2 weeks to arrive from England on normal post.which I thought was a good timing.For standard post

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