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Stilo e Penna iDuo - Blu Recensioni

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Lo stilo iDuo ha una punta omnidirezionale che può essere utilizzata sullo schermo in qualsiasi direzione.
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Not worth the effort
The pen part stopped working a couple hours after opening the package. The ballpoint could not be "locked" in the writable position (point kept disappearing into the body). After 2 days, the upper clip decided it didn't want to be attached to the lower portion anymore. The top and bottom parts are connected by friction (not glued or screwed), which turned out not to be enough.
More secure packaging please!
Better packaging please or a customer friendly return service please. If I have to return a product (which I did) for damaged goods I expect all shipping costs to be paid by seller. The $10 refund did not cover the cheapest shipping option for returning the pen for replacement.
very nice
I bought this as a present and was not disappointed, I did not want a stylus pen with a big thick end, so the product was perfect
extremely useful
how versatile the init is
Nice little pen
Stylus makes it more useful when using smartphone and touch-screen monitors. Spare stylus caps and refills would be useful.
Not overly accurate on the screen (compared to finger) and it bent as soon as I put it in a bag.
It is simple and works well.
Nothing more than was on your website.
Excellent job Mobile zap
I purchase this pen and I like it.
Has a few problems !
As I have chubby fingers I loved the slim body of this pen, it's main problem is that it twists and uncovers the pen point whilst in the pocket and obviously marks anything it comes in contact with ! The second is that the rubber wears out quite quickly and cannot be replaced ! I ordered four of these pens knowing that this happens but this time the first one I used, the rubber end would not operate properly on the screen ! I think i'll give them a miss in the future ! Bry !
Happy customer
Great product, good service
Very easy to manage
The stylus is very good, light and easy to manage.
Not Good
Actually, it worked very nicely - for about a week. Then just stopped working, even when I put pressure on it.
Won't buy anything from this manufacturer again. Spending a little more to get something that you'll use a lot is better than spending money on something that stops working for whatever reason.
It did arrive in good time, tho.
MobileFun Reply
Hi KIrsti

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this stylus. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
Great 5 Stars
I find this Duo Pen is great especially for use with the small letters on a mobile phone. Other ones I have the bulb on the end is too big but this one works fine.
Nice little biro but.....
I would have liked to have known that these pen were not refillable, so are not really a good purchase at the price I bought them so I will not buy these pens again
nice little stylus pen
Not much to say nice little stylus pen
Excellent and essential tool
This is the second iDuo stylus pen that I have purchased from mobile fun, because my mother in law admired the blue version that I have.

She wanted a stylus to let her get online and write messages on her smartphone. She's delighted with it. Its dual function as a ballpoint pen and the smart design commend it too.
This is the 3rd iDuo Stylus Pen that i have bought in the last few months.I gave one to my Daughter and the other two i am keeping for myself even though other members of my family are looking for one. I have told them SHOW ME THE MONEY AND I WILL GET THEM ONE.What a great great item. Great for the phone as my fingers are a little big and its just what i need not to mention that i always have a writing pen handy.Thanks again Mobile fun. PS. Remember Mobile Fun. SHOW ME THE MONEY.
Ideal for my needs
I bought it for my son to use with his Sony Xperia Z3 Compact tablet and we both are happy with this purchase. The Stylus works great as a pen and as a stylus.
I also impressed by my contacts with Customer Service - they answered all the questions immediately and any problem was solved with no time. Thank you and I will buy here more and will recommend the store to my friends.
Very good
Just about the right diameter that fits perfectly in my hand. Very good stylus pen. Warm recommendation.
great handy item
I love this little pen it makes texting and using small icons so easy with the stylus .

Stylish light and so versatile !!
Possibly i received a dud
Possibly i received a dud.
stylus didn't last a week.

Nice pen though.

Not much use now

A replacement foc would be appreciated
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ray

Sorry to hear you are having issues with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist you.
It great. It came the other day delivered by the postman, even he was in a chirpy mood! I had to sign the postman's little machine which was weird as my signature always looks like it's been done by a toddler - he needs to get an iduo stylus pen I thought. Then things got better. I started using it and wow! Much easier than using my big, fat, chocolate and bogey stained fingers on all my devices! Highly recommend.
Great stylus at reasonable price
Ordered 2 as girlfriend wanted one as well. Delivery was really quick. The stylus is good quality and does a great job for galaxy s2 tablet. Looks stylish for price paid.
Good product
Very happy with this product. It is nice and stylish. I recommend to everyone. I am very happy with it.
Very nice
I like it, it's very nice looking and very handy
Love these pens
Love these pens
Got my stylus in just a few days! (I believe it was just 2 or 3 days, and I live in Canada, so it was really fast.)

This blue stylus is very pretty, blue, silver, and sleek, and I like the rubbery bouncy feel of the tip on my screen. My stylus certainly lets me rest my fingers and thumbs!

The only minus side is that the ball point pen (on the other end of the stylus pen) keeps slipping out while I'm tapping my phone screen with the stylus end. So I had to keep twisting the ink pen back in. However, this ink pen is great for those days when you forget to bring a pen and desperately need one--I've already experienced one of those days!

Overall, great product!
Turn your Tab into a Note!
I wanted to replace my old 8" Galaxy Note 1 with an up to date version. Imagine my horror when I found that Samsung do not have one yet - I did not want a 10 or 12 inch tablet - the 8 " is ideal for me.
So I bought a Tab 2s - brilliant except no pen! No longer a problem for me - the iDuo stylus pen does everything I need - take notes, draw etc. Its actually easier to use them the S pen with my old Note. It's longer, no button to bother about. I just click on my note App (there are plenty to chose from, up pops a page and off I go, great!
Ok it may not be pressure sensitive etc. but all I want is to take the odd note to myself, the odd sketch or to notate a photo - I am not doing any artwork so pressure sensitivity is not ban issue. I also have case for my Tab that has a pen holder at the side - so works a treat!
The stylus pen was what I thought it would be although it was a little smaller than I anticipated but it does what it is supposed to
The stylus pen was what I thought it would be although it was a little smaller than I anticipated but it does what it is supposed to
Good product. Great idea to combine a stylus & a regular pen.
Good product. Great idea to combine a stylus & a regular pen.
Duo pen/phone case
Happy with products. Mail took a while next time will do wxpress post.
Did not realise it was coming from overseas.
Duo pen/phone case
Happy with products. Mail took a while next time will do wxpress post.
Did not realise it was coming from overseas.
Stylus pen
This company puts its customer first with speedy delivery and first class service would recommend to anyone
iDuo Stylus
I thought I was buying a pen with my smartphone case but no luck.so I bought this stylus separately. I have nowhere to keep the stylus with my phone but when used it performs perfectly, it nice to handle and the ball point has a really smooth action to it. Would recommend this pen to anyone.
Does the job.
I bought this because of the colour,I love pink, But it comes in other colours.
At first I though it too light in weight but using it for a while you don't want anything too heavy.
It write nice and smooth which is a bonus.
Not sure if you can refill it, tried pulling it apart to see but just about got it back together. I would suggest rotating it every now and then as the tip tends to bend to one side. It is much better than trying to use fingers which are too big, clumsy and seem slow because you can't see the keyboard.
The Mobile phone holder is fit for the job to cover and protect my mobile phone the touch pen works well and the screen protectors help prevent scratches.
Replacement as lost original
Had to get a new one as I lost the original one. Great combo, pen and stylus
Useful, pen and stylus just what I needed
I had to have one
The iDuo stylus pen arrived this morning, I needed another one, so I looked at all the stylus pens on your web site and finally settled on this one that I am using to write this review,it's as light as a feather and lovely to hold, the pen writes lovely too.once again a brilliant service.
Just what I needed
its handy to have a pen when you need one.
The best stylus pen so far
An attractive pen/stylus, which has quickly become a favourite. We purchased 2 so misplacing one isnt too distressing. Good news is that the biro insert looks like a replaceable item, which wasnt the case with another pen I had last year.
double function
great for large fingers,don't ever want to be without it!
pen works great, only need to carry the one instrument for two functions.

you want to know whats best? the stylus works spot on, each and every time,swype scroll or tap!
Exactly what I wanted
Fits perfectly into the cover of my iPad , sleek and stylish. Pen writes smoothly. Very happy with product.
Arrived on time
for fat fingers
I became the owner of a smart phone this month, but found my fingers too fat (and too shaky!) to get what I wanted from it. Son advised I research stylus, and then buy two, as one always gets lost! So I did. Typing is quick and accurate, sliding and screen changes smooth and easy.Tapping is accurate. I wouldnt be without this gadget!
Just what I needed
This is great for either phone or ipad, stops marks on the surface so always looks clean.
Quality counts!
This stylus is about the 20th that I have used. Before buying this one, I bought packs of cheap ones which although good when new, did not last very long.
I like the slimness of this one and the usefulness of having a pen as part of it. I would recommend paying more for this better item.
Slightly Disappointed at first
Pen was thinner than I'm used too and was disappointed the stylus tip end broke off in first week . I probably should have returned it however I glued it back on and use it regularly now
No mistakes
I can't believe how much easier it is to use than my sausage fingers which used to hit the wrong letters all the time. Much quicker now and a lot fewer mistakes
Stylus Pen
Ordered one day - came the next - does exactly what it says despite no tin.
Fell apart after 10 minutes
The product was great for the first 10 minutes of use and then the rubber pointy end fell off rendering it useless for what I bought it for. Still the pen writes quite nice!!
Useful accessory
The stylus pen is slim and elegant, and does the job as a stylus touch screen pointer more efficiently than my fingers. I have my phone in a leather case, and like to clip the stylus on to the outside of it - which it does - but it would have been better if the length of the pen did not exceed the length of the iphone.
works really well
I purchased the item after trying various other stylii.This seems to be much more sensitive and is much more comfortable to hold. The pen works well, which makes it a very useful dual purpose piece of kit. As part of a bogof offer, it is good value.
Great pen and works well on all screens
I like the simple design and both pen and touch screen features work well. Quality control could improve, since on one of the pens, the rubber tip used with touch screens was not properly inserted and creases when used...but still works.
Does the job on iPad, but the pen quality is very poor, the retractable nib only functions now and then, seems no reason for it. But the stylus pad works well.
Exactly what I wanted
I personally have used two other stylus but this one beats them hands down, the ball pen on the stylus is an added bonus, the stylus is very nicely proportioned, looks elegant and compliments my iPad mini.
Handy to have
Fantastic idea, so simple. I use my iPad a lot for work and also fill in a lot of forms , so being able to do both with the same pen fantastic.
very much satisfied
All products I bought were of good quality and the service is very efficiantand reliabile
Fingers too big? Freezing Outside?
want to speed up txting?, fingers too big? get this pen! writes on paper and screen perfect & you don't need to take your gloves off!
what I had been thinking of buying
very neat lovely to handle and does what it says in the preview.
Very useful but!
Following 9 months of desk and wallet use much of the black colour has disappeared to reveal an aluminium like base. The refill retaining cap dropped out and unable to refit other than by permanent fixture with the use of a suitable adhesive.The BOGOF deal(today) is about right for the quality of the product so I will buy a replacement today.
Always have trouble getting fingers on right letters when messaging/e-mailing on my phone, so really great to use on phones keyboard. Also use for crossword games with my friends and also for Draw Something. The other benefit is that it is also a pen. Love it.
Great - just what I wanted
Really nice looking, reasonably priced stylus/pen. Not really bothered that is an actual pen as well, I just wanted a very slim stylus that was suitable for my Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy S2 and this fits the bill perfectly. Really pleased and would recommend.
Does what it says on label
This item is great avoids hitting wrong keys best thing I have ever bought
iDuo Stylus And Pen.
I was delighted to receive the pen I had ordered in so short a time and even more delighted to get a second one free.
It keeps the iPad free of messy fingerprints and is ideal for texting via the phone as the keyboard is very tight in size and I made many spelling mistakes. The pen has improved my speed of typing and no more mistakes
So, now, wherever the phone goes, the pen goes as well
Great value and I recommend it to everybody
Very useful
I previously purchased the iDuo Stylus and pen from you which I found extremely useful.A couple of friends of mine saw it and asked where it came from so I purchased two more from you as gifts for them.
Exactly what I wanted
This stylus and pen is excellent and I am delighted with it.
Despatch error
I ordered my item along with another under the impression that both items were on a 2 for 1 offer but only one of each was sent. After a quick message back to the firm the missing items were sent promptly and with a huge apology. This is the third item I have had from mobilefun and I am very impressed with the service.
a very usful tool
this is a very good stylus and the pen at the other end is a good quality one. it is very handy to have both a pen and a stylus in one, os over all excellent.
iDuo Stylus and Pen
Just what my husband needed. He found it difficult to position his elderly fingers just right to operate some apps. He is delighted with it.
Stylus and Pen
This is a slim and neat prodict, stylus for tablet at one end and a pen at the other. Well made and good looking.
Watch delivery though, charge of nearly £3 for first class delivery which took 5 days from notification of despatch!
Exactly as described
Very good looking pen and stylus works well easy to use.
handy tool
a very useful tool for use on tablet devices,keeps fingermarks off the screen and you will never be stuck for a pen either,best value on the two for one offers when available.
iDuo Stylus And Pen
So often you need a real pen and paper to take notes after highlighting something of importance to be copied. This does it seamlessly, just a twiddle of the fingers and away you go. Works well at both ends! What more could you want?
Useful tool.
Works well in iPhone text input, and iPad drawing apps
Stylus and pen all in one
Stylus works great making it easier to text and play games, when I get a call and need to make notes I simply turn the stylus around and have a pen
Works a treat
I bought the Samsung pen for myself and the iDuo for my wife .... don't waste your money get the iDuo everytime, even better get 2 for the price of one deal when it comes around again. The stylus works far better with the S3 than the Samsung pen does ~ weird huh?
Usefull little gem
I use this mainly for my Kindle touch and find them great I like the narrowness of the pens and nice feel of it in my hand.
Very good price I've paid more and gotten less so very pleased with these stylus.
Super Stylus - Poor Pen
I have used a number of different stylus's but this one ranks as the best. Really accurate and precise,but the pen is running out after only a couple of days use, two for one price offer is great,would not pay full price for one item only, would benefit from a little extra weight as very light.
Just what I needed.
Great item,works well with the iPhone and
Great value even better when it's 2 for the
Price of 1.
Brilliant service
Thank you again for your fast and efficient service
iDuo Stylus and Pen
I find the iDuo very useful but the pen is a bit on the thin side could be a little bigger.The pen is a nice fine writer. only problem was the delivery. it's advertised as buy one get one free. I only received one and I had to chase the free one up. But over all a good product
Top of my wants
Received very promptly, it combines two things that I always carry, both of which I use a lot. Sturdy and slim, it fits in the hand well and is a joy to use, especially the stylus.
Very useful
Fast delivery. The pen is very useful, however it would be great if someone designed a case for the HTC Desire that the pen could slot into. That way the pen would always be where I need it.
bought for my wife
This was bought so that my wife could find it easier to text on the small keyboard of her phone.
However, although it works well on my i phone, it requires too much of a stabbing action to be useful on the Samsung.
iDuo Stylus and Pen
Brilliant product. Makes texting so much more fluent and accurate. Makes you ever so popular when you give it as a present.
What it says on the tin!!
I apologise about not being very original with the title of my review but if you are looking for a good quality stylus to use on your tablet or phone, which will not scratch or mark. In addition, you get a pen!! I find it very useful for just this two reasons. At work, it looks smart enough to sit in my suit jacket and to use at client meetings. At home, for when I'm chilling out on the sofa playing 'draw something', it allows me to draw with better accuracy than as I could before just using my finger. You can't beat it for the price it is, and you'll wonder what you did without it!!!
Just what I needed
Excellent product, does just what it says on the tin
Not bad!
If you travel a lot, this is not the stylus for you. You will lose it in a matter of days. However, if you can keep the stylus in one place then, it'll be perfect for you. It should be noted, that if you are buying this to use as a pen, don't. The pen part does not function properly in the least.
perfect product
great writer great stylus fast delivery good price will buy more when needed thank you mobilefun
The Stylus & pen does what it says, is easy to use, BUT
it is not a stylus as you would know it, it is a flextble rubber at the top of the pen, BUT it works.
I recd a free iphone stand with mine otherwise it's an expensive pen.
Great help inputting text
My phone doesn't come with a stylus so I find it a great help especially inputting text which can be hard if you have large fingers. It also has the bonus of of a handy pen at the other end.
Review of my Purchase
Items That Have Been Purchased.

1.iPhone 4S / 4 Leather Style Flip Case - Red

2. BlueNEXT BN8860 Bluetooth Headset

3. iDuo Stylus And Pen

all are very good and useful
Tappin' good...
Having thick fingers makes texting a bit of a nightmare so you can also forget photo manipulation and the like. Then i saw the iduo on the mobile fun site. Because the site is intuitive and easy to use I had it ordered and received in no time at all. As for the iduo, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Texting is now smooth and fast. graphics are definately possible and not forgetting you also have a ballpoint pen on the other side. All in all a great product, a great site, don't hesitate.
Good dual purpose device
Allows me to text more accurately and also a handy pen should I need to write anything down.A very useful little tool that I can keep in my handbag at all times.
Great little stylus/pen
A great little stylus I got two one for my wife we use them all the time fingers are too big to draw so this come in very us full used every day.
iduo stylus and pen
i had one and it is fine but i do have artrhits badly. pen great and nice and slim but stlus not perfect but great value. My sone adores both ends ans uses non stop at work. great price too
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