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Samsung ufficiale sintonizzato da AKG Cuffie auricolari -senza scatola Recensioni

Godetevi la vostra musica con questo paio ufficiale di Samsung Tuned By AKG In-Ear Stereo Headphones. Con un telecomando integrato, questo auricolare è ideale per la musica, podcast e per rispondere alle chiamate. Questo articolo è nuovo di zecca e genuino, ma non viene fornito in scatola di vendita al dettaglio.
  • Mobile Fun ID 63983

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Great products from a great company
I was hard pressed to even think of looking for replacement earphones that came with my samsung phone. Enter Mobile Fun! Original product and quick delivery. This company sells genuine products at great prices. Will shop again. One of, if not the best site for accessories online!
Top quality
Very quick delivery. Great headphones crisp sound.
Fabulous headphones
I have no comment to make.
Fabulous headphones
Nothing more than was advertised which was all I needed to know about the product.
Excellent service
Bought it on Saturday and by monday i was already listening to my new headphones!!! Express service i i should say. Definitely recommend it (headphones and shop) I'd be back in case i need something else for my S9+
Good shipping time. I compared it to an original AKG earphone and it is exactly the same. Good seller.
Good sounds quality, VERY uncomfortable
These headphones are not the best thing to come out. I prefer the old heaphones as these ones dont sit properly in my ears and are very uncomfortable. I can't wear them for more than a half an hour because they hurt.
Great Customer Service!
I purchased these headphones last month. They arrived sooner than expected which was great! Unfortunately, the headphones I received were defective and didn't work correctly. I contacted Mobile Fun and they quickly and promptly offered to send me another pair without any hassle or issue. The second pair arrived just as fast and worked great!

They would have had no idea the product was defective initially and went above and beyond to correct my issue, wonderful!
its the service that counts
First set fell to pieces, but typical Mobile Fun customer service - just replaced them no quibble.
Second set are average sounding, not amazing.
Every time Ive used Mobile Fun, the customer service is amazing.
For earbuds, a lot depends on using the correct size rubber grommets, of which there are 3 sizes in the pack.
Great earphones
Great earphones. As far as I can tell they are a replica of the earphones that came with my S10. Sound quality is excellent. There is no cheapness in the quality of the product, it feels good and it sounds good. I would definitely recommend others try out the earphones or other products from this website.
It is very genuine. Everything is perfect. I love dealing with this website. They never let me down.
A Genuine AKG headphone for Samsung as advertized
The product had a precise description as advertized.
No need to search more about the product. Highly recommemded
werry good product with a high quality
Samsung headphones
It's very fine headphones for Samsung fans it's very good quality working so well need to listen with them

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