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Samsung Combo Charge & Sync USB-C and Micro USB Cable Recensioni

Charge and sync your Micro USB or USB-C compatible devices quickly and conveniently with this official combo cable from Samsung.
  • Mobile Fun ID 62385

Prezzo di vendita al pubblico 25,49€Risparmia24%

19,49€ IVA inclusa
 4.8 stelle da 11 clienti

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Great for your new phone
This is a wel built cable with the adaptor attached so it can't be lost.

I use mine in the car where I have very few charging scockets and this cuts down on the no. of USB leads I need.

It was about the same price as non branded cables so worth the spend for the samsung build qual.
Excellent product
I purchased this data cable for a family member after purchasing one previously for myself and being very impressed with it. I have bought cables from different suppliers previously and been left disappointed and have now made Mobile Fun my go to supplier
Does what it's supposed to! ????
Very useful charging cable. The adapter is held on securely.
Very easy to use just the job.
Handy product
Excellent and useful charger. We'll made. Great having one cable to adapt to charge different mobiles. Fast charging too!!!
Very pleased with itam
Very good
Really pleased with this for travelling.
This is a great bit of equipment for travelling - I now need to take one cable only, as this charges my Samsung S8 plus, my Samsung Tab S3, and my Amazon Kindle. Now I just keep this one cable ready with my travel adapter, rather than having to un-plug my every-day cables.
Micro's good, USB-C is not.
The adapter is a great idea in theory and the micro-usb works brilliantly on mobile devices. Unfortunately the USB-C has resulted in the charging port in a TabPro S to required replacement rendering the C as useless and damaging.
Nice item
This cable is nice item with the ability to switch to my new phone USB-C, to my micro for my samsung tablet. One cable in my bag is all I need, so I would recommend these cable as a replacement for your samsung devices.

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