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Olixar Smart Loop Universal Smartphone Mount & Stand Kit Recensioni

When it comes to an all-in-one desk stand, viewing stand, vehicle headrest and car mount solution, the Olixar Smart Loop Mount & Stand Kit is one ring to rule them all. It also makes holding and using your phone safer and easier than ever.
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 4.4 stars from 38 clienti

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Phone ring/stand
The phone ring is not too bulky so my phone is still easy to slip into pockets and it helps with holding my phone as my hands are small. Really great product, easy to install and not too bulky.Great price too.
Let down
Product itself is good. Sadly it doesnt stick on for long, so if you're using it be careful!
Loose ring after a few weeks use.
In a short period of time the ring lost its tightness, therefore allowing too much movement while in the dash mount. Otherwise happy with the product.
Good for reading
Wasn't able to use the mount in car, wouldn't stick to textured dash. That said I use the ring everyday, and particularly like it for reading on my phone.
Olixar Smart Loop
Cool gadget. Simple but very effective.
Not as I’d hoped
I had hoped for so much from this product. I had been looking for something to keep my phones secure that didn’t have to be stuck to the windscreen. I stuck the flat disc on a flat surface in my car. It stayed there for about a week. As it’s been getting cold I had the heating on in the car and the sticky just isn’t up to it. The big block was stuck on the top of my dashboard. It lasted on there for 2 days. I braked slightly hard to avoid a pheasant and it, along with my phone, ended up in the footwell.
So again I’m guessing that the sticky just isn’t strong enough.
The hook however sticks to the back of the phone very well.
Great Little Item
Cool little gadget - very handy - very neat
These are great and really versatile!
Great product
This is an awesome product, the adhesive works very well and it’s very secure. The dash board anchor is awesome for using gps while driving. Delivery was very slow (3weeks) but arrived well packaged and in new condition.
Love my gadget!
Much more than I was expecting. The additional parts are coming in handy, I had only been looking for the ring & happy to find it.
I did have to add a little crazy glue between the gadget & the gel sticky part eventually but that's no biggie. To explain: The gel pad (like double sided tape) makes it removable from your phone or case, but it also eventually allows the ring to come off the pad. So I glued the ring the the gel pad which is still on my case. Voila! Thank you!!
Concept very good but item does not stick to dash as it states irrespective of what you do. Phone fell off dash whilst driving and hit gear lever cracking phone screen. Phone mount went into rubbish bin
Funky gadget
So many uses in one box. Excellent item if you have week hands, helps you grip the phone. A handy hanger to use in the car. I love it.
Best product
Sticks strongly to my phone. I use it everyday. I will definitely buy more if I have a new phone.
Provides confidence that phone will not slip out the hand
It took a while to get used to the ring and get it at a nice comfortable fit on my finger. I have only used the ring which I can attest is something I wonder how I got along without it. The add-ons I have not used for example the dashboard items. So cannot comment if they stick or hold firmly the phone.
Excellent accessory for my smartphone
I really like the Smart Loop, I would buy the package for the ring alone - it has already saved me from dropping my phone on several occasions. The hook and mount work well and altogether it is an excellent product. Mobile Fun as usual offered a great price and quick delivery and I know from previous experience the customer service is very good indeed.
My daughter loved it.
my daughter and her friend loved it.
Excellent value
Delivered promptly. Brilliant little invention. Makes reading a book on your phone a joy on a long train journey. My phone is in its case and the Smart Loop is attached to the outside of the case and props it up on the table at whatever angle I need. Excellent value for the price. I highly recommend this item.
I love half of it!
I have now bought three of these gadgets. I love the stand which makes carrying it so easy and safe and when the stand is used to hold the phone at an angle on a flat surface it is very useful BUT the mount simply cannot cope on the dashboard with a phone as heavy as an iPhone 6S - and that's not heavy! I phoned MF for advice before buying the others to be told that I simply had to
Make sure the surface is clean so that the mount will adhere - it doesn't. The mount has to sit near the edge of the dashboard so that the screen can be seen and with anything bigger than an iPhone 5 it won't adhere. I still think the stand is worth the money - forget the mount.
Concept is good
Happy enough with my purchase, a little more bulky than I would have liked, but it serves it's purpose. The 'stand' is great for viewing in landscape. Lots of attachments for using in car, so all in all a good purchase. :)
BOGOF Olixar Smart Loop
Orded as usual for the above but only received the one unit, a quick email to Mobile Fun and I received my free unit, nothing much to say about the kit as it does 100% as per the advert and I am very pleased and fully recommend the smartphone mount, good value for the money.
This loop holder is fab, extra security for holding when you are taking selfie pics...
Almost perfect
Sooo handy. The'ring' at the back is multipurpose -use it to hold your phone securely: use it as a stand for the phone: turn it so that you can use the phone in landscape or portrait mode. Only problem
I have is with the pad to affix the stand in my car. I need to affix it quite near the edge so that the phone can stand up but the weight of an iPhone 6 pulls it down. Maybe a stronger fixative would help. HOWEVER I love it for the ring alone!
truly amazing
i've ordered 2 Olixar Smart Loop Universal Smartphone Mount & Stand Kit i got very fast and the packaging is good the most important things are items are well described and very detailed attaching the smart loop on my phones are very easy and it holds very strong and also thr stand kit i put it on my dash board it really had a strong hold on it i also put one on my table inside my room and i put mount on the of my shower room and one also on my refrigerator it really helps alot and im very thankful that i saw this item on mobilefun coz this is what i need on my everday task. thanks and more items to come coz im very excited to see more accesories that helps you to make everyliving easy.
A good little gadget.
Good place to buy all you need for your devises. And prompt delivery.
Great idea
Multi use, the ring makes the phone easier to hold single handed & reach across the screen.
Great for standing the phone to watch video, chatting & reading on line.
The hook can be used anywhere you need to hang the phone.
The stand is very hands for sat nav in the car & hands free use.
Easy & discreet to use
Very useful
I was a big fan of the magnet SD slot holder , but my new car has no SD slot so I decided to look for something else. It's not as fast to handle in the car as the magnet holder, but works perfect. On the plus side is the ability to use it as a stand- love it! I always use the case yet the adhesion did not work on my case so I used the epoxy adhesive glue. The stand stuck in my car just great without any additional glue . All in all-very good product!
Excellent gadget !
Very handy.. Phone feels safer to hold, and works well in (car)stand to use with maps on iPhone!
Finger Ring
Excellent finger ring for your mobile ..Can highly recommend this product .. very easy to fit . Very secure ..5 star all the way ..
Wouldn't want to no have it but could be better
It's funny that I would really miss this tiny add on if I no longer had it even after a few days use. What is nice is that the unit is fairly slimline and does not add too much bulk and that if you do need to detach and reattach the pad of the main part it sticks fast.

However, the actual ring feels loose after a short amount of use and concerned it'll continue to loosen. Tried to remove the sticky pad to see if their was a screw but it's a rivet. The car attachement is not very sticky and fell off the dash after one day.

Will probably buy another for my other device or search for one that is better made.
Thought I'd use this in the car but, having fitted it, i use it whenever i use the phone. As a stand, as a hook, for stability etc. It means holding a large phone one handed is now completely secure. The ring adds a little thickness but not much. More have been bought for the rest of the family.
Phone holder/grip
Now I don't need to worry about dropping my phone. The added desk holder and hook for the car is a bonus.
Great product!
I love this! The ring allows me to hold my phone without accidentally touching the edge of my Samsung Galaxy S 6 edge.
What happened to the loop that used to be attached to your mobile phone?
Ever wondered what it would be like to lose one of your most treasured possessions. Only when you lose a mobile phone do you realise how much you depend on it and what it contains. Thus unobtrusive loop provides added security and if you add a 'ski pass' string to it you will know when you have left it behind on the seat.
How did I ever manage without this before ?
Would you believe I bought smart loop because I spend a lot of time in the bath ?....I was always concerned that one day I would drop my phone in the water, but not any more !
Fantastic product, especially when using the other two attachments supplied. I drive quite a lot of different vehicles, and find the loop perfect for hanging in various places in different vehicles in order to facilitate using the Sat Nav on my phone, and thereby keeping the screen and voice in close proximity. Have already recommended this product numerous times to colleagues, and will continue to do so !....5 Stars ?...I'd give it 10 !
Does what it says on the tin!
I bought 2 of these one for the wife and myself. Really bought it to use in the car as a holder on the dash. I can then safely see stuff coming in and use the navigations apps. Sticky pads seem to be holding well but need to think carefully where you locate the holder as once used it will be difficult to re-locate. Not used the other 2 components as yet. All in all a good well made productproduct
Buy two, once you have this you will need the extra hooks on which to park your phone, the extra ring will go on your next upgrade, and get a second cover for your phone, so that on those rare occasions that you want 'sleek' you can change the cover. Once that loop is on, you won't easily get it off!
Don't listen to the 'Ooooh I want my phone sleek!' brigade.
Sit back and smile smugly to yourself as their I-phone oop-de-doop slips through their fingers and smashes to bits on the concrete floor!

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