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Olixar iPhone 8 / 7 Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protector Recensioni

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 8 / 7 from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package with with added bonus of limiting potentially harmful blue light rays!
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This is ok.
Good product
I thought it was full screen protector but when fitted to phone with otter box cover left small gap around edges but should be alright
Excellent Protector
The protector fits well leaving enough room for the protective case. The blue filter works well at night.
Colour does not impact heavily on screen brightness which helps greatly with battery life. Which is always handy.
Great product
Fits really well. I have looked at the spectrum from the phone through a diffraction grating (i teach Physics!) and it does cut out some of the blue light.
Great product, easy to apply, i like the stickers that help you place it on straight. Packaging pretty fancy (seems like a bit of waste of money) too nice to throw in the bin, will try to use for something else.
Not fit for iPhone 7
Despite the description this product did not correctly stick to the screen of a brand new iPhone 7 and did not have the correct cut out for the camera. My opinion is its not fit for the 7.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Simon

The camera is often covered by screen protectors in particular the glass versions as this has no impact on the camera.

If you have any problems, please contact our Customer Services team.
It does the job but doesn't fit perfectly
It does the job but doesn't fit perfectly. The edges stick out slightly,there is no front camera cut out and the blue tint is of putting. I have ordered the same brand edge to edge design which takes the screen curve int account.

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