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Caricabatterie Ufficiale Samsung Galaxy S10 wireless - bianco Recensioni

Carica in modalità wireless il tuo smartphone Samsung Galaxy con tecnologia Wireless ricarica veloce utilizzando questo dispositivo ufficiale Samsung Qi Duo Wireless Charging Pad in bianco.
  • Mobile Fun ID 71841

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 5 stars from 3 clienti

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Such a great changer
Nice and Fast
Good quality and solid construction. Fast Charge 2 works well and seems to be as fast as wired charging and faster than the original wireless fast charge devices. You will need an adapter to convert the power supply for UK plug sockets, but it comes with the required power supply and a USB-C cable. I use it for charging the phone and Galaxy buds simultaneously. Very happy!
I didn't realise the difference
I put my phone on here to charge up and wow, this is faster than wired charging. 10% at 3.30, off to work at 4.50 and it's charged up.
Terrific product.

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