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Macally Universal Phone Cup Holder Mount Recensioni

Keep your phone close at hand and safely in view while driving with the Macally adjustable cup holder mount.
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Good product
How it fits to cup hplder
Just what I was looking for!
I have quite a short lightning cable to charge my iPhone and hence I needed a car phone holder that was quite low down in the car. This holder sits in my Mini Cooper drinks holder perfectly and is the correct height although it works better in the passenger cup holder as opposed to the drivers cup holder. It fits my iPhone 5 well but could potentially fit any phone and has a great release button at the back to easily release the clasp of the phone. Really happy with the product and the kit actually looks like it's part of the actual car itself. Good quality and not tacky and cheap looking.
It is good, but not the one I ordered
The Macally cup mount holder works well and has a niffty button press to release the phone.

However it was not the one I ordered.
I ordered the short stem version as per the website picture, but was sent the XL version with longer neck. As I am not well I could not return it. Disappointed.
At Last!!
I'm sick and tired of phone holders that fall off dashboards, refuse to stay stuck to windscreens or glass and those that simply don't work at all. This piece of kit does exactly what it's supposed to although you may find that cup holders in some vehicles are not in the best viewing position. For my Fiesta it's just perfect sitting behind the handbrake lever.
Excellent product
Needed a phone holder for my mini cooper that was quick and easy to fit but which didnt sit on dash or windscreen as can obstruct view. This firs the bill perfectly and because of flexible neck and seating in cup holder can get a good position without obscuring switches and gear stick. Would recommend and as always delivery was quick.
Have a mini & fits perfecting into the cup holder as minis arnt the greatest design for mobile phone holding. Useful & good value compared to other similar products on the market.
Works Great
Received product in a timely manner. Works great with my Iphone 6 Plus.
This phone cup holder is very good
This phone cup holder is very good and fit well & well made for the cost 100%
Great product
Easy to deal with and great product. I just ordered another one for my fathers car
Good mobile holder
Good mobile holder keeps my Samsung galaxy 6 Edge Fimrely in my Audi tight and where I want it very well made and first class
Great product
This is a great way to hold your phone, player or satnav away from the windscreen. Solid, secure and device-friendly.
Great company to deal with too.
Work's very well
This works very well, stable and hold phone in a useable position
excellent quality
I use this in my Jeep Wrangler - it fits really well in the console cup holder and hasn't come loose yet - build quality is excellent and it fits my Lumia 950 XL perfect as it doesn't hit any buttons on the side of the phone. I especially like the gooseneck which allows me to turn the phone anyway I want. I recommend this to any Lumia 950 XL owners.
Works really well
Works really well but can break easily if care is not taken when tightening.
Keeps the phone away from cluttering all the other places in the car, at the expense of a cup holder slot. Works as advertised, as long as you remember that turning the screw counter clockwise fixes it in place in the holder (counter intuitively)
Fantastic item
A great quality phone holder 1 touch release on phone fantastic piece of equipment 10/10
Very well made..but!
This item is excellent quality, holds the phone very well and has an excellent flexible arm for ease of adjustment. However, beware... My Ford Mondeo has duel cup holders that are joined via a smaller but significant gap. This gap does not allow the expanding arms on the phone mount to be tightened evenly all around to grip properly, causing it to work loose under use. I am experimenting by using a soft plastic cup installed first to make a complete circle for the holder to grip. So far part successful! Great piece of kit, my problem is with the holders, not the manufacturer, hence four stars.
Item was nice and sturdy just as advertised.
Item was nice and sturdy just as advertised. Would recommend.
Brilliant. It deserves 11 out of 10
Brilliant. It deserves 11 out of 10. Cant get much better than that.
Item was exactly what I was after perfect fit for car
Item was exactly what I was after perfect fit for car

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