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Groov-e Bullet Buds Metal Wireless Earphones with Mic -Silver Recensioni

Combining stylish silver metal casings, a comfortable fit with dynamic sound, in-line controls with mic for music and calls, magnetic fastening and wireless bluetooth support, the Bullet Bud Earphones are perfect for music lovers on the go.
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 4.2 stars from 61 clienti

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good earpiece
serve good purpose
How easy to use and easy to pair , Great sound and easy to wear.
Thankyou Dave
Great Value
Very pleased with these. Bought them to listen to music and watch films-programmes on my phone whilst commuting rather than using my significantly more expensive over heads. Amazing build quality and sound for the price.
First Class
Delivery on time,goods just what I wanted
Excellent value for money.
These earphones are very good. Sound is better than I expected. Excellent value for the price paid.
Very tinny
Should have checked the reviews. Very disappointed with sound quality with music - no bass to speak of. Spend more - wouldn't pay full price. Not particularly cheap, so expected better.
Battery life is not great, but manageable with a small portable charger.

Durability is perfect, no more earphones getting knocked out from moving.

Overall happy with the purchase.
Nice sound and easy to operate.
nice for money cost
Difficult to predict bottory live.
Well Cool
These earphone are well cool and work really well, sound quality is excellent.
Good value
At the price point they are worth it. Sound quality is good and reliable Bluetooth connection. A good choice of tips will fit anyone, but they are a bit long and protrude. The control unit/battery is larger and heavier than others, and although wireless are only good for use round the house, not for sport or outdoor use.
Groove-e Bullet Ear Buds
Great pair of Bluetooth ear buds, came well packaged and appear to be very good quality. Paired with my Android Galaxy S2 Tab in an instant. Very happy with my purchase .
Great value earphones
Good value and work more or less. Sound quality is great. However the buds do not fit my ears and fall out after 10 mins whichever size I pick. And the sports buds are completely useless and won't stay in for 2s.
Well priced headphones
Easy to pair, inexpensive. Wished the instructions were larger for ease of reading.
Battery doesn't last long time, perhaps 1/2hr max. Not sure if that's normal, but quite inconvenient. Otherwise a good one to use
Sounds good to me
I am well pleased with my new wireless earphones. They fit my ears well, they worked almost instantly with my iPhone and I found the instructions easy to follow. A happy customer.
Love these
The earphones with my phone were hurting my ears and fell out love my new earphones they are so comfortable and cancel out noise around me recommend these
Not Really Impressed....
I use my Ipod for listening to books - a great way to get through housework, company when gardening, and hiking with the dog. A I inevitably get tangled in the leads of my usual earpods, I thought these might be a good bet.
Although very lightweight and comfortable to wear, I found the sound tinny and unreal, like listening to someone on an old telephone! While I haven't listened to music with this device, I imagine it would be very frustrating.
To top it all, the batteries ran out in under four hours, as opposed to the advertised "up to 5 hours", leaving me mid-chapter!
I appreciate they are inexpensive compared to many wireless earpods/earphones, but I think I will now lay out a little more and purchase some better quality buds
Poor fit
The earphones are a poor fit as a result every time you adjust the volume or use the other controls, they fall out.
Poor. Earbuds don't stay in. Sound very tinny. Controls very small and difficult to use..Controls also too close to one earbud. Waste of money.
That cheap means poor quality although with delivery not particularly cheap. Disappointed.
I'm told they are great.
My 17 y/o Son tells me these are brilliant.
I just wish he would stop loosing them.
Not only does he love them but so do his mates, I think 5 of them have also purchased them.
Value for money
It is a good product for its price, although I would like stronger magnets to hold
Product performed as advertised.
I had already seen the headset as my daughter has a set.
You get what you pay for!
Ideal if you are busy and can't physically get to your mobile to answer a call. Sound quality is very poor when listening to music.
Why buy one!!!
I bought 3 of these for my wife and daughters. They are all very happy with them, to please all three is no meant feat so a very happy bunny am i. On closer inspection from me, the build is solid, they feel good, easy to use and pair. I have been told the sound is good so no complaints.
Black and Gold
I bought 3 of these for my wife and daughters. They are all very happy with them, to please all three is no meant feat so a very happy bunny am i. On closer inspection from me, the build is solid, they feel good, easy to use and pair. I have been told the sound is good so no complaints.
Good product for a good price
Ok for music, poor for calls
There are better headphones available for the money.
Charge port cover is flimsy and will break easily. I bought 2 pairs of these and wanted use them for music and also making phone calls. They are ok for music but the buds do not rest well in your ear and would not be suitable for any movement whilst wearing.
Phone calls are terrible, lots of distortion if you move at all during the call. Returned to standard wired Apple headphones as I can't really make or take any phone calls with these.
Great pair of earphones
Good headphones
I lost my first pair but was so impressed with them that I bought a second pair, they fit ok and sync with my devices no problem, good sound so I would recommend them,vey good for the price
Good value bluetooth earphones
These are very good value. No, the sound isn't amazing. Yes, the rubber earbuds are fiddly to replace and no matter which ones you use never quite comfortably sit in your ear without falling out. Yes it is irritating that your get a beep every time you change the volume and the controls aren't the same as on an Apple spec set of earphones.

But the battery life is acceptable for me at 5 hours, voice calling works well, and the design is very attractive - a round of applause please to whoever decided they should be magnetic, makes them super convenient.

If you're after a budget set of earphones that are of acceptable quality and won't give you a rash, look no further!
Comfortable to wear. Impressive sound quality. Great value.
It does everything I need it to do.
Great wireless headphones
Really happy with these.
Excellent service
Bought the groov-e ear buds. Arrived when stated. Very easy to use and very clear. Like that I can wear them and it looks like a necklace.
Would shop here again.
Look nice and fast delivery
The item not my expatation good for music not for phone blutooh not works well on phone calls poor battery life
Easy to pair, easy to use good quality sound.
Extraordinarily good
These perform MUCH better than the Plantronics ones I had before and are less than half the price. So good I bought a second pair so I always have a charged set in my bag! they are comfortable, pretty good for music and great for calls.
The earphones arrived very quick and look good quality
I ordered thes as Xmas presents so cannot say how they work. What I can say is that they were well packed and arrived very quick. Unlike similar purchases which I didn't realise had to come from China, so be careful where you order from. The earphones themselves look very good quality
Disappointed with the item.
Does not sit on ear properly, kept on slipping off. Very light base; not what I anticipated.
received in good packing,fully charged and performance is great,clear sound.
Great service, good product support staff, good product, easy to use, good price. I am a happy customer.
happy with purchase fantastic sound
happy with purchase fantastic sound
Good product from a great supplier & arrived early
Almost 5 star
Comfortable ear fitting. I would have preferred a bit more Bass in the sound. The built-in Microphone is an excellent feature. I found the shipping time a little long, otherwise very satisfied.
brilliant product
I received the buds in 20 days and was greatly impressed with the quality both manufacture and sound
Again i have to thank Mobile Fun for selling as detailed the above Wireless Earphones to which i am very happy with and as in title Brilliant Purchase. Recommend.
Love these earbuds
I am very happy with my wireless earbuds. The sound quality is great the controls work and connecting via Bluetooth was easy.
There were no instructions in the box so I had to find a manual online but that was easy. Would definitely recommend.
good quality excellent value
i discovered with these earphones, that i have big ear canals. i was trying to achieve an airtight seal, but the small and medium earbuds weren't doing the job. i did not think the large earbuds would fit my ears. how wrong could i be.
you need an airtight seal to achieve full bass potential of any ear phones, and i love my bass. It's the metronome for music.
once i gained an air tight seal and compared the earphones with others i used, the groov-e wiped the floor. they have an excellent metal construction, good quality cable and are magnetised, so can be hung around the neck when not in use.
once connected via BT to your phone the earphones achieved good volume without having to be at full volume, which is loud and with the airtight seal the bass begins to vibrate your ear drum, dislodging any wax you may have!
i am pleased i bought them and are now part of my EDC.
Very good
Cannot fault, very happy with product
Ear buddies to crave for
Now here’s a thing. I’ve bought many great items from Mobile Fun but this one really excites me. I have only had the earphones for one day and I have paired them with my iPhone and my iPad . Bliss, they’re easy to set up and are comfortable to wear. The audio response is really good, so much so that I have placed another order so I have a set to carry in the car to use in the local pub when I am on my own or waiting for friends to appear. They are easy and unobtrusive to wear and click together magnetically when not needed. Get some....
A very convenient pair of earphones
These earphones are very convenient. No wires to catch on everything, especialy when gardening. Previous Bluetooth headphones were bulky to carry arround but these take up hardly any space.
Excellent value
They are small and neat, the battery seems to last well and the quality of sound is better than many similarly priced wired earbuds. Certainly more comfortable and as good sounding as the £50 ones that they replaced!
Bullet buds earphone
Tried these earphones as soon as they arrived, exactly two days after order.
Rich clear sounds and they came with some charge in them, only takes 3 hours to fully charge.
Overall very impressed with the quality and design.
Shame - Poor battery!
Great headphones with some nice features but let down with such a poor battery! Not sure if we perhaps received a dud but the battery only lasted 30-40 minutes. They were supposed to last 4-5 hours so they had to go back!
Well done to mobile Fun as they made the return process relatively simple!
Fantastic product, fantastic price, fantastic service
Great earphones
A really good set of wireless earphones! Lightweight, easy to use controls a really good sound and a more than average reach Bluetooth connection.
Very comfortable to wear with a good fit and they keep in place during training.
Best earphones I had til now and I have tried a few!
Convenient but not perfect
The sound quality for audiobooks is fine. The bluetooth pairing is a bit of an adventure. It's hard to know what is happening when you try to select pairing. The light flashes blue and red then goes out before you have a chance to do anything. In fact, the earphones are registered by the receiving device and need to be selected in the list to connect. This is not the way other bluetooth devices typically work. The earphones also make beeping noises when you are listening to something. No idea why this happens. I swopped the supplied buds with triple flange ones to help the device stay in the ear, although this was not essential. Overall they work well so far after 1 week's use.
Everything I have bought from his site has been fantastic value and great fun
I love this site always has fun and useful items
Great little ear phones
I needed a a new set of ear phones quickly, these seemed to fit the bill. Purchase complete the items arrived super quick. The product is solid stylish and everything I had hoped for. One problem no spares ear pieces. Emailed customer services they responded promptly asking for the item to be returned, this wasn't possible so they offered a refundable sum. I accepted and the money was refunded with surprising speed. I have bought a number of items from MF and no doubt will be buying again.

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