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Caricabatteria originale Huawei da auto in argento con cavo USB-C Recensioni

Un vero e proprio caricabatterie da auto Huawei a ricarica rapida doppio USB con cavo USB Type-C SuperCharge™ da 1m 5A. Incredibilmente elegante e veloce, questo caricabatterie è un must have, grazie al suo design elegante e alle velocissime velocità di ricarica.
  • Mobile Fun ID 71058

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Fast, easy car charging
This product really does charge your phone fast. It's probably not as effective as it claims but it's pretty close.
Product works as expected.
Initially, the cable provided did not fit the model of my phone.. A replacement cable was provided quickly and I am now very pleased with the charger.

Excellent customer service from the seller.
Great Service
Wanted a genuine Huawei product. Found item on MobileFun website, placed order and received item by given delivery time.
Does what it says, looks slick
Very Quick Charger
Just plug in to 12volt socket connect to phone and within mi utes phone is charged.
Does what it says and is well made.
Does as it says - Charges my Huawei P30 Pro much more quickly than a standard car charger. It is solid and feels well made. Comes with a suitable lead, which I wish was black and not white.
The charger itself is an excellent product,, however I was very disappointed to find that the fitting at the phone of the cable that came with it didn't match the fitting on my phone, therefore leading to a further expense buying the correct cable.

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