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ADVANCED SOUND M4 In-Ear Earphones with In-line Remote / Mic Recensioni

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Manufactured from premium materials, the ADVANCED SOUND M4 Earphones are one of the most accurate in-ear earphones around. Featuring a twisted cord which never tangles, you'll be able to listen to your music in no time.
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 4.8 stars from 11 clienti

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Great iems for the price
These are extremely well built iems, come with plenty of eartips, and nice carry case. Comparing with AKG K553 Pro headphones, they have a little more bass presence with slightly less control. The mids are clear and well presented. Treble clarity is good, not as detailed as the AKGs but certainly not lacking. My only real gripe is the lack of cable slider.
Great sound
I found these to be great sounding with a flat balanced sound. The sound quality of the ear buds, twisted cord, and additional accessories make these an excellent choice especially for the money.
very good quality sound
i love the earphone, the mids is great the vocals is so clear, the highs is bit good, but somehow lack on the bass side. if you're looking for a boomy earphone look else where but if into acoustics and classical this is the right earphone.
Highly anticipated, worth the wait!
Since beginning a contract working in Sydney (I live in Wollongong) I would require some decent earphones for the daily commute via train. It didn't take much researching until I found out about the interesting looking M4s from ADV.SOUND.

After waiting around two weeks for the postie to kick his bike into the next gear (would choose express next time), the items arrived in prestige fashion. Encased in high quality packaging and provided with additional accessories not normally found with products in this price range, the M4s had lived up to my expectations in every respect.

Each aspect of the design and aesthetic appeals to the creative bug within me. Design with a purpose is something that must have rung soundly with the creators of this product as not only are the sound frequencies delivered at quality levels but there's little doubt in my mind that they are capable of doing just that for a very long time.
Decent for the price
Very nice set of in ear headphones, comes with a case which is convenient for travel and 3 sets of different coloured ear buds with many different sizes. Sounds good for the price, way better than iPhones Ear pods I've used up until now, I just got sick of them so found these on a few reviews on YouTube and lived up to the positive reviews on there. Also the way they are made makes sure they never tangle, Praise the Lord! Because with ear pods that was the bane of my life. If you want a cheap pair but sound good, get these!
'Almost Perfect' earphones!
The quality of the sound from these earphones is superb - neither too bassy or to toppy, and with the variety of the soft-rubber tips (which I'm sure will suit almost any size and shape of 'ear-canal') they're almost unbeatable.
BUT, if you're only interested in their performance as a pair of earphones, then it's worth noting that these do have a Mic facility (with its operating switch) in the cable. It's not a great detractor from the overall performance, but for me it was an irrelevance. Nor am I a great fan of the twisted wires which these earphones feature, especially when they're this loosely twisted - if they opened up just a little they could snag on something .. and such events can prove terminal!! These earphones come in a little round pouch (reminiscent of the container some of Shure's Pro earphones come in!) and they're certainly as good (sonically) as the Pro Shure phones I usually use!
Great earphones
Great earphones I have bought lots of earphones in the past.YES Iv'e found the perfect pair. Thank's MOBILEFUN'
No volume control, otherwise great.
I didn't read the full specs and was disappointed to discover there was no volume control on the inline controller, which pretty much rendered it useless with my iPod which only basically has an on/off button. Luckily my father offered to buy it off me. He was pleasantly surprised at the sound quality. He is a broadcast engineer by profession, and appreciated the wide spectrum with these earphones, hence four stars.
Let's begin I'm not a audiophile far from it I have a pair of AKG NC headphones which I use a lot because normally I can't get in ear earphones to stay in but I must say these adv earphones are the first set that do. The sound was quite remarkable the bass is awesome but not to overpowering and the overall sound was excellent even comparing them to my AKG . If you want a set of earphones which in my opinion are as good if not better than the lead marketing brands and want to save a lot of money buy the adv .
These ear phones are comfortable and have amazing sound quality, whether you're listening to music with high bass or high treble. The sound is not tinny like lots of low quality ear phones.
Amazing, if you're sick of bassy headphones
These are really great, and a real pleasure to use. I'm really, really fussy about headphones with a pair of flat response on ears from thomann and a pair of shure in ears which I've had for about 6 years which I use on my commute on the train. I can't stand bass boost and beats by dre style headphones, and have been craving a pair that actually make the music sound like it was intended. These hit the spot perfectly, and are beautifully balanced. Be warned they are unforgiving on poor quality streaming (e.g. I use high quality mode on spotify), making high hats sound "tinny". I listen to a broad range of music and these cover off all styles well. They are comfortable, with 3 different ear buds, in 3 different sizes, have a tangle free cable which is a nice length and come in a neat pocket sized pouch. They don't cancel out as much noise as my shures, but they aren't far off - I haven't experimented with all of the buds, I've stuck to the foam expanding ones, but intend to try the others soon.

Great, great value for money and perfect if you hate the idea of headphones changing how a song was produced. Perfect for fussy musicians!

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