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Olixar X-Trex Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Rugged Card Case - Red / Black


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Equip your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with rugged protection and superb functionality with the X-Trex case in red / black from Olixar. Featuring a handy kickstand for viewing media in both portrait and landscape and an ingenious secure credit card compartment

"Good quality"
"One of the best rugged case I've come across"

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Ryan Healy

S8 plus
24 Maggio 2017
The perfect case the fit is the best ive seen. The stand and the card holder was just an added bonus use both all the time would buy this case again and again


Samsung s8 plus
9 Maggio 2017
Good quality
I have no problem with case is stronger and quality. Phone been drop on the floor by an accident wow no damage nothing. I'm very happy with product.


Samsung S8+
28 Aprile 2017
One of the best rugged case I've come across
It looks very amazing and feels absolute great when it's in my hands, i put gym card in the card holder and it does the job. Supports wireless charging too so it's a win win situation for me. Loving the case and got soo many compliments about the case. Would totally recommend to buy it. Although my delivery it's extremely late.

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Rugged all round protection for your Galaxy S8 Plus

Featuring a robust multi-layered design, the Olixar X-Trex provides excellent protection for your Galaxy S8 Plus and just might be the best all-round travel case available. This hard-wearing tough case safe-guards your phone against whatever life can throw at it, keeping it secure at all times - even in the most extreme of conditions. With rubberised non-slip bumper pads, textured surfaces for extra grip, a secure card compartment and a handy flip out kickstand, few other cases come close to the protection and features on offer here. The X-Trex is suitable for commuting, outdoor travel and everyday use in equal measure.

Olixar X-Trex Samsung Galaxy S8 Rugged Card Case - Black

Enhanced drop protection

First and foremost, the X-Trex is designed to protect the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and protect it does, with some aplomb. Composite layers of shock-absorbing thermopolyurethane and ultra-resistant reinforced polycarbonate take all the punishment your daily travel and use can throw at your phone, including drop protection. The front facing lip is raised above the level of the screen, meaning it will keep your screen off flat surfaces so it doesn't get scuffed or dirty. Reinforced corners are designed to deflect shock force away from your phone and the corners are the most vulnerable areas of any phone or case. Likewise, the phone's vulnerable buttons are catered for with generous and fully functional covers.

Olixar X-Trex Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Rugged Card Case - Red / Black 

Secure quick access compartment for card storage

The Olixar X-Trex case features an ingenious back compartment that can hold up to 2 credit cards or IDs. This is a secure and ingenious way of storing your most vital cards and also means you can leave your wallet at home if you want to.

Olixar X-Trex Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Rugged Card Case - Red / Black

Built-in kickstand

Located at the back of the case is a super-convenient flip-out kickstand. Folding completely flat when not in use, the kickstand can be called upon at will, allowing you to effortlessly watch media at any time and in any place in both landscape and portrait. It's stable enough to use anywhere.

Olixar X-Trex Samsung Galaxy S8 Rugged Card Case - Black

Stylish militarised industrial look

The sleek military styling and slimline construction of the X-Trex case combines to create a case that perfectly compliments the Galaxy S8 Plus's stunning design. With it's dual material design, tough talking rugged aesthetics and angular detailing and clean lines, the X-Trex is very much a case for modern times and all situations.

Olixar X-Trex Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Rugged Card Case - Red / Black

Access to all ports and features

With full access to all of the Galaxy S8 Plus's ports and features, the Olixar X-Trex Case allows you to use your phone as you would normally, but with the added peace of mind that this highly protective case.

Olixar X-Trex Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Rugged Card Case - Red / Black

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