OtterBox Defender Series LG G6 Case - Black


Modello: 77-55417

Codice prodotto: 63006

Protect your LG G6 with the toughest and most protective case on the market - the OtterBox Defender Series in black.


The OtterBox for LG G6 Defender Series will offer your device peerless protection with a slim and sophisticated look.

Boasts 3 layers of comprehensive protection

The OtterBox Defender Series wraps your device in 3 layers of protection. The first layer is a strong polycarbonate shell which caresses your LG G6, providing added protection against drops and bumps. The shell features cut-outs which are designed to give you access to all of your device's ports and features.

OtterBox Defender Series LG G6 Case - Black    OtterBox Defender Series LG G6 Case - Black

Silicone skin to protect all of your device

The second layer is a silicone skin, which wraps around the polycarbonate shell and absorbs any shocks which would be otherwise felt by your device. The silicone skin also features cut-outs to give you access to all ports and features.

OtterBox Defender Series LG G6 Case - Black    OtterBox Defender Series LG G6 Case - Black

Screen protection built-in to protect your device's screen

The final layer of protection is a thermal-formed sheet, which covers the screen and keys of your LG G6 to give your device 360° protection at all times.

OtterBox Defender Series LG G6 Case - Black    OtterBox Defender Series LG G6 Case - Black

Includes a belt holster for easy access and transportation

Included with the OtterBox Defender case is a belt holder, which features a swiveling belt-clip that will hold the device with the screen facing in or out, allowing for easy access or extra protection when carrying your LG G6 on the move.


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29 Maggio 2017
Shock hardy
I have so far had a couple of small drops. From roughly 1mtr and the case has handle absorbed the shock perfectly without noticable damage to phone or case. I am a tradie and use the case in a work enviroment. My only winge would be that water/sweat and dust get between the phone screen and inner case screen via the top camera and speaker cutouts. Admittedly its in semi harsh conditions and is often minimal. Easy to unclip and clean. Id rate as 9/10
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LG: G6, G6 Plus

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