Samsung Level U Bluetooth Headphones - Blue / Black


Modello: EO-BG920BBEGWW

Codice prodotto: 56147

The stylish necklet design connects wirelessly to your Bluetooth device, allowing you to listen to your music in total comfort without having to mess with tangled wires.

"Brilliant Headphones"
"Fantastic earphones"
"Not bad, not bad at all"

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Jack Young
Isle of Wight

Samsung level U Bluetooth Headphones
12 Maggio 2017
Brilliant Headphones
I am happy with the stereo sound from my 12" iPad Pro when listening to big band music and used to go into another room if my wife wanted to watch TV, so when MobileFun had the Samsung level U Bluetooth Headphones available I thought that I would try them. How pleased I was to hear the music I like at its best. I would recommend these fab phones to anyone. They are brilliant.


Samsung Level U Bluetooth earphones
9 Dicembre 2016
Fantastic earphones
After wasting my time being scammed on ebay with counterfeit earphones, I came straight back to mobilefun for these level U earphones. Brilliant for my work - I have a very active job and don't need to get tangled in wires listening to music, or be forever digging around to answer my phone. The sound quality is A1, the comfort is A1, the battery life is A1, ease of use A1. I really wish that these had come with my phone (Note 4).


Samsung Level U Bluetooth Headphones
8 Dicembre 2016
Not bad, not bad at all
For reference I have it connected to Galaxy S6 Edge+. Connects effortlessly, Sound Quality is good but not exceptional. Combined with SideSync and great battery life I use it all day for Spoitify, Calls etc. Notifications are simple and to the point. Level U App again is simple and easy to use.

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Superb music clarity & sound

The Level U Bluetooth Headphones feature large 12mm speaker units for stunning sound reproduction, as you would come to expect from any Samsung audio product. Noise reduction and echo cancellation from the dual mic, reduce interference and feedback during calls.

Samsung Level U Bluetooth Headphones - Black    Samsung Level U Bluetooth Headphones - Black

Unique wearable necklet and ergonomic design

This fantastic Bluetooth headset makes a great fashion statement and has been designed to provide total comfort, the Samsung Gear Circle Bluetooth headphones come in the form of a stylish necklet that wirelessly connects to your phone or tablet. The unique and modern design also reduces time spent untangling wires or storing it in a case. Designed for long term wear, stabilising ear gels ensure perfect fit.

Samsung Level U Bluetooth Headphones - Black    Samsung Level U Bluetooth Headphones - Black

Smart magnetic clasp control

When you receive a call the Samsung Gear Circle gently vibrates to inform you that your phone is ringing. Once alerted all you need to do is simply detach the earphones and put them into your ears. When listening to music, just attach the earphones back together to pause your tunes.

Easy to use controls

Integrated into the right of the headphones, the easy to use controls, control the volume, play/pause, track advance and phone.

Please note: charging cable / mains adapter not included.


  • Talk time: 11 hours
  • Battery: Built in
  • Compatible: All bluetooth enabled devices

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