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Devia MacBook Pro 12 Keyboard Protector

Devia MacBook Pro 12 Keyboard Protector


Modello: CKP-NTB

Codice prodotto: 62860

Keep your MacBook Pro 12 keyboard safe from dust, debris and scratches with this keyboard protector from Devia.

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Shield your MacBook 12's keyboard from dust, debris and scratches

Your treasured MacBook 12 deserves to be protected - that's a fact. Screen protectors and cases aside, though, what about the keyboard? This part of the device is likely to be damaged or get debris - such as crumbs or dirt - between the keys, but there are few ways to shield this component from these hazards. Enter the MacBook Keyboard Protector from Devia. This handy sheet will slip over your device's keyboard and protect the keys, adding virtually no bulk and leaving the tactility and satisfaction of using the MacBook keyboard totally untouched.

Super-tactile material means you'll barely notice the protector is there

Don't worry if you love the experience of typing emails, documents or messages to friends on your MacBook - the material used to construct this keyboard protector is so thin you'll barely notice you're using one, although the material is still more than sturdy enough to protect your device.

Easy to apply and remove

Using this keyboard protector from Devia couldn't be simpler. Just slip the protective sheet over your device's keyboard and align the keys - then enjoy a superior typing experience, safe in the knowledge your device is fully protected from anything life can throw your way.

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