Moshi iVisor AG iPad Pro 9.7 inch Screen Protector - White


Modello: 99MO020007

Codice prodotto: 59229

Designed for the iPad Pro 9.7 inch, the iVisor AG in white is the next generation screen protector that has been expertly designed to protect your display while reducing glare and smudging.


Patented technology ensures bubble-free installation

The Moshi iVisor AG screen protector affixes to your phone using a residue-free adhesive layer. Because of its rigidity, the cover will not leave air bubbles when applied to your phone. Additionally, because the product is designed specifically for the iPad Pro 9.7 inch it is easy to align correctly for simple application and adjustment.

Utilizing Moshi’s own proprietary technology, the iVisor is the only screen protector that is removable and re-usable and can be installed in seconds with absolutely zero bubbles, making it the easiest screen protector to install on the market today.

iVisor can be washed and reapplied repeatedly

Designed to last, iVisor screen protectors can be kept in fantastic condition by cleaning them. Use the included microfiber cloth to wipe any fingerprint smears or smudges from iVisor's front surface. Apply some water to the cloth to remove any stubborn stains and in the rare occasion that the iVisor has lost its grip due to dust or lint buildup, a complete wash with mild detergent is necessary. After a successful wash, iVisor's adhesive border should restore to its original stickiness.

Moshi iVisor Anti Glare Screen Protector for iPad Mini - Black

Enhanced scratch protection and smudge resistance

The iVisor AG has been surface treated to provide enhanced scratch protection, fingerprint / smudge protection, and anti-glare properties while still retaining the clarity and vibrancy of your iPad Pro 9.7 inch's display.

Precision tooled to fit the iPad Pro 9.7 inch's screen

The Moshi iVisor Anti Glare Screen Protector is designed to provide a perfect fit, ensuring that the whole of your screen is protected from damage.

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Alex Pearne

27 Gennaio 2017
iPad Pro 9.7
Superb Product
This product is excellent and is worth every penny, easy to fit with no bubbles like other screen protectors and protects the screen nicely would recommend this to anyone who wants to protect their iPad screen from scratches. Also great service from mobile fun brought a few things off this company over the years without a problem.
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11 Gennaio 2017
The Best
LOL....I will be honest. It is seldom that I order anything from outside the U.S. In fact, I did not realize my item was coming from the UK until I received my shipping confirmation. After receiving a new iPad for Christmas I immediately got online to locate and purchase a Moshi Visor screen protector. They are the best screen protector for Apple products on the market but hard to find so when I found it online I just hit purchase. Upon realizing it was coming from the U.K. I figured it would take forever, NOT. Mobilefun quickly shipped my item and tracking was very easy and my purchase arrived in record time for being shipped from outside the U.S. Shipping cost was also very reasonable. The Moshi Visor screen protector is just like the others Imhad purchased within the U.S. I give Mobilefun 5 stars and would definitely order from them in the future.
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8 Dicembre 2016
iPad pro
mobile fun is a really a fine company to deal with
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8 Giugno 2016
iPad Pro 9.7
A 'must have' screen protector for the iPad Pro 9.7
It's an exact fit and looks great. The matte finish minimises fingerprint smears. The necessary cut-outs are there, so your iPad will function correctly. This screen protector feels like it will last due to its thickness (fear not Apple pencil owners, the pencil works without flaw). It can be removed and replaced with relative ease, and it's not possible to trap bubbles in the screen area. However, I did not give this product a five star rating for the following reasons: 1) A slight manufacturing defect left a small bump on the black outer edge, which otherwise is of a perfectly flat appearance. 2) An important tip was left out of the fitting instructions i.e., when you have aligned and secured the screen protector in position, in order to prevent a waving effect of the plastic as you move your finger, or Apple pencil, across the screen, it is necessary to lift back each corner in turn (so about 3 inches of horizontal and vertical edging is unstuck) and then slowly smooth the plastic out from the centre to the corner. It took a few attempts to iron out the waving effect completely, but it was worth the effort.
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